The Encinitas Mindfulness Community (formerly 2nd Street Sangha) is a non profit organization which supports and encourages practices from all mindfulness meditation traditions.

SANGHA is a Sanskrit or Pali word that translates to mean community or helping friendship with the common goal or vision of cultivating and deepening training and practice. It is the third of the Three Jewels in Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) and is an essential element of sustaining any personal practice, whatever your tradition.

The Sangha gathers three times a week, Saturday mornings 7:30am, Tuesday mornings 7:00am, and on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm (only during spring and summer). Learn more about our weekly meditations here

It is an ever-growing and expanding group consisting of those who are interested in meditating with a group, those who have participated in an MBSR course, or those seeking continued teachings on the practice path through the exploration and study of books, texts, sutras and direct experiences. 

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Consistent with mindfulness traditions, Encinitas Mindfulness Community is supported by dana offerings. Dana is an anonymous, optional donation of your choice that helps support our teacher Diana Shimkus and other Sangha activities.

Dana Offering


We hope you join us to deepen your practice. Until then, please enjoy these guided meditations from Diana.