Life in Full Bloom

Life is blooming all around us--

This present moment  and the whole of our life is an imperative to compassionate action, which we cannot ignore.  The faith and confidence made available through practice, offers the possibility to greet whatever arises with open-hearts and minds.  It is the dance.  It is your life.  It moves with or without you.

"Moral conduct and a meditative lifestyle set the foundation for being able to help others and at the same time can become expressions of compassion themselves."  Analyo

Mindfulness practice is not some kind of passive acceptance of unfolding conditions.  Rather it requires that we actively engage, investigate and make choices based on the wisdom that comes from still and silent discernment and its resulting clear view.  There may be a moral imperative for you, a sense of right action  that takes precedence over other possibilities.  We heed the call, even if it means that those we love and care for do not celebrate the decision, or may even actively working against it.  

With compassion in action, we can do this without aggression, hostility or separation. This is only possible with practice.

I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, April 18 as we continue our self compassion study.

Blessings in this season of new life, new energy and the new bloom of spring,