Leap to Success + EMC

Propagating mindfulness through compassionate action is at the core of EMC’s mission.  

An exciting new opportunity to share the practice within our community has come about through our introduction to an organization called Leap to Success.

It's mission is to “educate and empower women who are overcoming domestic violence, homelessness, and other major life challenges to reach their greatest potential.”

Leap to Success is the brainchild (or, more accurately, the “heart/mind child”) of Dana Bristol Smith. A highly successful public speaking trainer, Dana chose to leave the corporate arena to develop a leadership skills curriculum that would empower women in transition to re-build their self-esteem, transform their pain into resilience and in the process, become role models for change in their own communities.

Participants are referred by a variety of community partnering organizations, and they attend one of two programs: the 7-week “Leap to Confidence” course that includes tools and skills for personal development or the year-long “Transformation Leadership” course that enables the sharing of those skills with others. Students who graduate from these programs have amazing stories and are truly inspiring, both for the changes they make for themselves and positive impact they have on others.

Having experienced the 8-week MBSR course with Diana, Dana saw the benefit of bringing mindfulness practice to her students.

The first step was a “taste of mindfulness” presentation and practice led by Diana for Leap to Success graduate students.

The response was so positive that EMC and Leap to Success are now planning a mid-summer mindfulness all-day, to expand on that initial experience with more practice and more students taking part.

EMC is honored to be able to partner with Dana and her team in bringing the mutual benefits of shared practice to the Leap to Success program – stay tuned to as this important initiative evolves! Stay up-to-date by visiting our events page. 



Photo: Dana Bristol-Smith (Charlie Neuman / San Diego Union-Tribune/Zuma Pre)