The Power of KIND Attention: What You Practice Grows Stronger

All, we have just completed the self-compassion spring retreat, which was personally enlivening and transformative.

This is not because I have become so magically self compassionate, but because I have been able to much more clearly see all the areas in my life in which I have not been compassionate to myself, dramatically limiting my ability to love and care for others. 

This is not come about by my personal fatigue at the aspiration, but by the reality that when others see that you are not balanced, have created caring time and space for yourself and are committed to your own health and well-being, out of their own care and love for you, they will not rely on you.

This was a somewhat startling revelation and one that I continue to integrate.  With our own heart/mind practices, we can and do actually strengthen that very compassionate care and commitment for self and others.

You will enjoy this short TEDTalk from my friend and colleague, Shauna Shapiro at University of Santa Clara.

The important message here is that which we practice grows stronger… This includes our self judgment or lack of self-care, our distractedness, our addictive devices and so on.

Please watch… I think you'll find it inspiring and regenerate your commitment to practicing that which you want to grow stronger.

I look forward to practicing with you live at sangha or in the boundless human sangha, of which we are all a part.

Love and blessings to you,