Working with Delusion on the Path to Mindfulness

Both regret and remorse are vital processes that were spoken about quite often in the early suttas.

Take some time to reflect and inquire into what you experience as you reflect on the actions, thoughts and words that are present now, those that have contributed to current mind (yours and others), heart and body and then to continue our mindfulness practice to investigate and recognize what the result of these present moment actions are.  

With continuous mindfulness, we have access to this boundless wisdom and compassion (open heart). Hold complete and unconditioned view on the true nature of all things, arising in accord with causes and conditions, being sustained through the continuation of causes and conditions and ending through the change, renunciation and refraining from those causes and conditions.

As the Buddha spoke to Rahula,  "When one is not ashamed to tell a deliberate lie, there is no evil that one would not do". 

Reflect on how one who can deceive/delude self and another with a lie and how then that lie can guarantee that additional harm and ignorance (recklessness) will result.  Reflect on how this delusion/deception/lie continues to propagate and leads to greater suffering for self and other.

Take actions with consideration of their benefit to self and other and with this intention alone contribute to the end of suffering.

May we all be well.  May we all have ease.  May we be of benefit to all beings.

Blessings on the path to mercy and compassion,