What is Dana?

Dana might be something new you heard about while attending sangha. 

Dana (pronounced "DAH-nuh"), noun. Sanskrit, Pali, roughly "gift, alms, donation"; voluntary giving of materials, energy, or wisdom (dharma) to others, generosity.

In America, business transactions are two way. We purchase an item or service with the expectation of reward.

In Dana practice, the transaction is one way. The practice of giving from the heart with no expectation of reward.  

EMC relies on the generosity of its sangha (community) to provide the resources to assist in our mission "to embody and propagate mindfulness teachings through practice and compassionate action".

A recent example of Dana and compassionate action was our latest collection of clothing and other items for homeless teens with an amazing offering of a truck load of Love. 

Another important use of your generosity is paying for the space at Soul of Yoga for three weekly periods for meditation practice, study groups and, most importantly, the opportunity to gather in community.

Your Dana also goes to supporting retreat scholarships for fellow practitioners, day-to-day operating costs and outreach programs for those in need.

We also use Dana to honor our teachers sharing of their wisdom and support. EMC is currently serving Resource Center in Encinitas, Stand Up for Kids, Leap to Success and Bishwa Seva.

EMC does not require membership fees, just suggested donations for our community service programs and we will continues to expand our outreach to our sangha as we can.

EMC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. To offer a tax deductible contribution, please go to our EMC Giving page.