Subject: Week of February 25th at EMC

Meditation Schedule:  Soul of Yoga   627 N. Encinitas Blvd.

TUESDAY-7:00am - 8:30 AM

Guided Meditation Study Group Exploring "Connection through Communication"-Diana leading

THURSDAY Evening Meditation

6:30 - 8pm-Next Month 3/8: Diana leading

SATURDAY SANGHA: March 3, 2018

7:15-7:30-"Getting to know each other"

7:30-9:00-Guided Meditation/Dharma talk and Q&A


Mindful Listening...begins by opening your heart this one breath.

   Before we can actually "hear" with any capacity for deep listening we need to open our own heart/mind.  This requires that we set a fervent intention to actually create an open space within our own self-importance and limited view towards the greater truth of the value, benefit and reality held by another. This is no simple task when our hidden intention is too often to be right, to win or to assert perspective, power or "MY VIEW" in the interest of getting MY way or to ensure that my needs are met.

The practice here is to see if we can begin with the widest, most vast, open and infinite space within one's own heart and mind.  How do we practice this?

First, we can begin by remembering that we all, without exception, want the same things: to be happy, to be healthy, to have our loved ones safe and provided for, as ourselves.  This begins to open our view to include all others, JUST LIKE ME, who want a life with care, comfort and ease, even when we believe there are right and wrong ways to go about doing so.

Secondly, we can breathe space and room into our very experience by opening our attention to include not only our own bodies and breathe but that which is completely surrounding and within everything. This ocean awareness breath practice is a beautiful way of including each wave, each bird gliding across the horizon, and all things in their appearance and disappearance as we look out over the vast horizon of life and being.  As we move the breath into and out of our own bodies, we open, rather than stay within our own body sense to include all the open space expanding all around us.  It is often helpful to release the out-breath into the open space and visualize it moving out beyond us in all directions, touching and holding all things.

Once we have cultivated this large, limitless view, we are then able to sharpen and narrow our perspective to each individual and unique wave of objects and experience without feeling threatened and losing the big picture view.  Everything appears within this open space and passes away back into it.  We begin to form a loving relationship to whatever is appearing be it our breath, a sound, a sensation, thought or the sense of the OTHER.   When we remind ourselves to hold the larger horizon and whole ocean view, we tend not to be as reactive, as distressed or as clinging to our own perspective and open naturally to include, invite and embrace others.  This takes practice, commitment and a willingness to be uncomfortable in moments when it appears that the other is NOT ME.   

In short course, however, we can and do learn to expand in the face of this very difference and perceived threat, rather than contract into our old, comfortable perspective of ME, NOT YOU, and us against them.  We can slowly begin to make friends and respond with care, compassion and kindness to each unique ocean wave, even the ones that are not exactly ME.  We are truly more alike than different, though our differences stand out in the face of our pursuit for sameness, comfort and stability.  The other, can often appear as a threat, precisely because they are NOT ME, when in fact, this very difference is what makes us grow, change and become more loving, resilient and stronger.  

It is through our very connection, befriending and inclusion of the very uniqueness and difference in others that we will be greater,  more capable, diverse and vibrant in all aspects of our lives.  EVOLUTION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SAY IT IS SO!!  So in the face of difference, we can all: Pause, breathe, open, include and trust that by opening our own heart/mind's instead of contracting, there is more to gain than lose.

Through mindful attention and listening, we can invite, embrace and open to others as one more beautiful wave in the ocean of being....stay still, attentive and enraptured by their very existence, and by so doing, come to know more about ourselves and our own unique beauty and value.  It is when we remember that we are the ocean, that each wave is made whole and complete.

Please join us April 18-21 for our spring retreat on Mindful Relationship: The Path to True Connection, Intimacy and Belonging. Register below.

My love to you, diana


EMC Events

Compassionate Action--We are asking for your compassion in assisting one of our long time sangha members. We have set out an additional dana box for this purpose or you make a donation through our website and in comments box indicate "Compassionate Action". There may be additional ways to assist with rides or just meeting for a cup of tea, which we will tell you about in the coming weeks.


Gun Violence in Our Schools--EMC is looking for ways to join with the students, teachers and legislators in support of their efforts to end the cycle of gun violence affecting our schookls and communities. If you know of a school, teacher or student who is doing something, we would love to hear about and see how we can support them.



MINDFUL RELATIONSHIP: The Path to True Intimacy, Compassion and Belonging--Its time to reserve your place for our Spring Retreat, which starts Wed. April 18 through Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Questhaven Retreat Center. Early registration by April 13 will save you 15%. 
Registration begins now. Please go to EMC website to register. Residential and commuter options available.  An option for a 2 1/2 day silent retreat with Diana from Monday, April 16-18 will be offered prior to the start of the guided retreat practice on Wednesday, April 18.

SUFK Clothes Drive Begins this Week--We are beginning our clothing collection for SUFK this week. The items listed below have been requested but everything will be appreciated. There will be a blue bin for collections.

 The List:  New Socks (men & women)        New Underware (men & women)

Word Search/crossword puzzle    DVD's 

Bean bag chairs (Adult size)        Games (checkers, Uno, cards

Walmart gift cards                      Birthday cards

Everyone interested in joining our SUFK committee Please contact Kelly McCormick by emailing her at kmcc425@yahoo.com.   Thank you for your caring.


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