Fall Retreat - Awakening the Heart Through Mindful Relationship

AWAKENING THE HEART THROUGH MINDFUL RELATIONSHIP:  Deepening Connecting, Intimacy and Belonging in Every Relationship Exchange.

Every day we are interacting in relationships.

That is why EMC is excited to announce that Diana will be covering this important topic in our upcoming silence meditation retreat.  

Relationships have been Diana's greatest teacher, practice, and joy over the last 62 years. 

Using embodied listening and speed in contact with our most loving and wise hearts, we will practice genuine intimacy and whole-being exchange.

Participants will learn how to cultivate and sustain a deep, mindful and loving presence in relationships; and increasing your capacity for creating an authentic, open crucible, which holds all relationships as our greatest practice, path, and deepest human joy.

This retreat is useful for all relationship types.

If you have not attended a retreat or practice period for an extended period, now might be the time to do so.

Learn more information about EMC's mindfulness retreat.

We hope you join us to deepen your practice. Until then, please enjoy these guided meditations from Diana.